3 Jun 2010

Gimme Back My Wig, Honey Let your Head Go Bald

I Ain't Dead, Just Been Dreamin'...
I'll be busking out in front of the Magic Stick in Detroit the night of June 12th in support of the Detroit Wig Out, a one-night party organized to benefit the National Bone Marrow Transplant Link based in Southfield, Michigan. Inside will be great live music, rock-and-roll Wig Stroll fashion show, and DJs playing 60s and 70s funk, protopunk, soul and garage rock. Time to get wiggy.

"If you donít gotta wig, go git one." --Plato

22 Dec 2009

Huddie & Hiram Revisited

The Hiram and Huddie compilation has just been nominated for Best Concept Album in the Independent Music Awards. While in general these awards-type contests aren't worth anyone's time, this particular one has some street cred, with folks like Tom Waits and the Black Keys involved in judging. There's also an online voting component to the contest as well, and if you like the record I urge you to go online here and cast a vote for it and try to help it get the recognition it deserves.

21 Dec 2009


Whew, a tough year, gone, like the dodo, or the Pontiac Sunbird..

9 Oct 2008

Hiram & Huddie

Hiram & Huddie is a tribute CD to Hank Williams Sr. and Leadbelly put out by Hillgrass Bluebilly in Austin, TX. With artwork by Jon Langford, liner notes by John Carter Cash, and some great musicians, it's a great package, and i'm really proud to be a part of it. Artists include Bob Log III, Scott Biram, William Eliot Whitmore, Wayne 'The Train' Hancock, and more. I got lucky somehow and got to have 2 songs on the record, Hank's "My Bucket's Got a Hole in it" and Leadbelly's "Bottle Up and Go", which i recorded in the bakery basement last winter.

3 Mar 2008

Jawbone in soundtrack of new independent short film

A Jawbone soundtrack is featured in the new independent short film Ripple, by Wilder Films in London. Described by the producer Paul Gowers as a black comedy about the randomness of fate, the 18-minute short debuted at the 2008 London Short Film Festival and is currently making the festival circuit. It's a funny little trip down a road we've all been down before at one time or another, where one wrong thing leads to another, and another. You can see clips of the film and find out more info at here.

2 Feb 2008

Jawbone to play 2008 Deep Blues Festival this summer

I'm honored to have been chosen to be a part of this summer's Deep Blues Festival in Minneapolis/St. Paul for the weekend of July 18-20. The lineup for this year is amazing, including the likes of T-Model Ford, Black Diamond Heavies, Bob Log III, Hillstomp, Scott Biram... they're all listed here really tiny, but you can check out the myspace page for the festival for the down-and-dirty details.

19 Sep 2007

Motown Hoedown

Played another over-the-phone set on Vern Smith's Motown Hoedown show on CJAM 91.5FM Windsor, Canada. They keep mp3 archives of the show for a month on their website.

15 May 2007

Jawbone Summer European Festival Dates Announced

I'll be playing a couple of festival shows in central Italy June 23-24 with my friends Hillstomp, following up a few weeks later with the Belgium Rhythm and Blues festival in Peer (rhymes with beer), Belgium on July 14. Other performers at Peer include John Hiatt, the Mississippi All-Stars, and Gov't Mule.

Only then will I return for a couple of lunch-hour tip-jar local shows at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market and the Detroit Steak Hut.

I SWEAR i will scrape the garage door this summer.

2007 May 18 Lager House Detroit, MI
2007 May 25 The Ark Ann Arbor, MI
2007 Jun 23 Mojo Station Blues Festival Rome, Italy
2007 Jun 24 Avezzano In Blues Festival Avezzano, Italy
2007 Jul 14 Belgium Rhythm and Blues Festival Peer, Belgium
2007 Jul 21 Royal Oak Farmer's Market Royal Oak, MI
2007 Jul 22 The Steak Hut Detroit, MI

5 Feb 2007


Let it hereby be understood that the cancellation of services for the two Sundays previous due to the extreme cold weather we've been experiencing of late is not in any way backsliding into the devil's waiting hands, as some have said, for tho it is the charge of heaven's army to march onward through all manner of trials and maelstormations en route to the promised land of our salvation, the good father had within him also the foresight and wisdom to bless us his children with common sense and the faculties of reason, and it is in honor of His faith that we have justly used said judgement to support the security and well-being of the congregation. Yes, brothers and sisters, be rest-assured that He is still waiting for us all from up on the throne of the glorious church of the air on high, we'll only have to re-double back again our faith in him and pray twice as hard next Sunday. Amen.

14 Oct 2006

Dang Blues on iTunes

Dang Blues is finally up on iTunes too, in US, Europe, Australia, and Japan. If you use iTunes, you can purchase downloads of either album by clicking here:

22 Sept 2006

Updated Tour Info

Finally confirmed the Manchester show for Friday, Oct 6 at Kim By The Sea. See shows page for more info.

19 Sept 2006

New Hauling reviews

Posted some new Hauling reviews on the reviews page from Mojo, Uncut, etc.

21 Aug 2006

October 2006 UK/Ireland Tour Dates

Mostly complete and mostly confirmed, the upcoming Jawbone 2006 UK/Ireland tour looks something like this:

Fri Sep 29 - Open House Festival - Belfast
Sat Sep 30 - Open House Festival - Belfast
Sun Oct 1 - The Boat Club - Limerick
Mon Oct 2 - Dublin - Boom Boom Room
Tue Oct 3 - Prince Albert - Brighton
Wed Oct 4 - BBC2 w/ Mark Radcliffe - Manchester
Thu Oct 5 - Gaz's Rockin' Blues Club - London
Fri Oct 6 - venue tbd - Manchester
Sat Oct 7 - Heavenly Social Club - London

18 Aug 2006

The Word

Chug-a-lug from Hauling appears as one of the tracks on the covermount cd for the September 2006 issue of UK music magazine 'The Word'. Also appearing on the cd are new tracks by the likes of Tom Petty, Guy Clark, Pulp, and the Bhutan Philharmonic, among others.

15 Aug 2006

Carrot Top Distribution picks up Jawbone

Both the new Hauling and 2004's Dang Blues CDs have been picked up for US distribution through Chicago-based Carrot Top Distribution. Carrot Top dstributes to independent music stores and small, independently-owned regional chains all over the United States and exports to countries all over the world, including Canada, England, Benelux, Germany, Japan, & Australia.

5 July 2006

Keep Consuming

we got the funk..er, i mean, the organically grown produce
The dangblues.com webstore is open for business. You can now purchase Jawbone Cd's, 7"'s, and t-shirts directly through the dangblues.com website.

I'll be celebrating George Clinton's birthday with a Saturday morning busking session at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market. I'll be set up over in the northeast corner, where the donut lady is.

29 June 2006

Hauling available on iTunes

Hauling is now available for song samples and download through iTunes. Other download services (Napster, Rhapsody, MusicNet, etc.) to follow soon.

20 May 2006

New CD Hauling Release Show in US June 17

The new Jawbone CD Hauling won't officially be released until July 17 in Europe and Australia, but we're going to start the party a little early here in the US with a special CD release show in Detroit on Saturday, June 17 at the Lager House in Detroit with special guests Hillstomp and local rockers Charlie Don't Surf. Hillstomp are a North-Mississippi style punk blues duo out of Portland, Oregon who are currently on tour in the midwest supporting their latest release The Woman That Ended The World. If you are a fan of Fat Possum-style hill country blues stomp you won't want to pass this one by.

12 May 2006

New Jawbone 7" Released May 27

burns the tummy doncha know
Chug a Lug b/w Get Rhythm

Chug a Lug is a cover of the Roger Miller drinking classic that will also appear on the forthcoming CD Hauling, while Get Rhythm is the Jawbone version of the Johnny Cash song that originally appeared on Mojo magazine's Johnny Cash Tribute covermount cd in October 2004. I'll have some on hand at the Hauling CD release show at the Lager House in Detroit on Saturday, June 17. It'll be available in Europe and Australia through Loose's distribution network, as well as through this website (in the near future). You can also purchase it through the Loose music store at loosemusic.com, or via digital download at iTunes (soon, that is).

And finally, a late add show supporting Unknown Hinson at KC's Dive in Dearborn, MI on Saturday, May 20.

5 May 2006

Family Hootenanny CD

For the past several years now a group of Detroit-area rock and roll musicians have been getting together on Sunday afternoons a couple of times a year at a local coffeehouse to put on musical shows for the new crop of little 'uns popping up on the scene. The basic idea was simple enough, to share with the kids their passion for, and the fun of, getting together and making a lot of noise with all your friends.

give a hoot A by-product of all the knock-knock jokes and kazoo blowing is a new CD called 'The Family Hootenanny'. It's 16 tracks of mostly original songs include performances by some of Detroit's better-known artists, including Blanche's Dan Miller Stuck in the Playpen Again, The Come-Ons The Duck Song, and Loretta Lucas Down By The Bay. There's also a Jawbone song that I did on banjo called Popsicle Soup.

If you have children, know any children, were a child once yourself, or are currently a child as you read this, you might want to find out more about it on The Family Hootenanny myspace page.