Brand loyalty is a weird thing. As a kid billboards for cigarettes were everywhere. One I remember in particular was for Taryton cigarettes, where there would be a headshot of a smiling woman with a black eye (obviously with make-up) and the slogan “I’d rather fight than switch”. The idea of adults actually fist-fighting over a type of cigarette seemed strange, and kind of creepy, but maybe there were things about being a grown-up I didn’t completely understand yet. Turns out it was just a creepy ad, but I get the idea, trying hard to make something that isn’t special, special. It’s nothing new. It’s weird though how far into our lives these appeals for our loyalty can sometimes go. In the end it can mean more than just what crappy car you drive, or what crappy gas you put in it. If you’re not careful, it can be not just the sugar-water you buy, but how you choose to live, and who you choose to love.