Jawbone - Live in Leeds

A clip found on YouTube.com of a performance of Hi-De-Hi at The Faversham in Leeds in April 2006. You can see a larger version and comment on it at the YouTube site.

Phoned In

BSR radio in Providence, Rhode Island has a show called 'Phoning It In'. The idea behind the show is that they call an artist on the telephone and broadcast an over-the-phone performance on the air.

This archived Jawbone show aired originally on 18 Aug 2005.

Playlist for show.
oh my aching headphones

Live Video - The Barfly London UK

For an uncertain amount of time XFm Radio is streaming live video of 3 songs from a performance at the Barfly in London on Dec 2, 2004. You can see it here. The song titles are actually Mahwah, Trouble On My Doorstep, and Gasoline.

Live from Peel Session 14 Apr 2004



3 tracks from the cd.
walter john
my daddy

WHFR Interview

Some excerpts from Jawbone's interview/performance on Dearborn's WHFR 89.3 FM recorded Jan 19, 2004 on the 'Debts No Honest Man Can Pay' show, hosted by Scott Greenberg.

Interview Part 1 (9:44)     Streaming mp3
the name Jawbone / why a one man band? / musical background / song: 4-11-44 / about 4-11-44

Interview Part 2 (8:56)     Streaming mp3
busking / song: Ready or Not / instrumentation / making the record

Interview Part 3 (8:56)     Streaming mp3
jawbone logo / shows around Detroit / song: Window Hatchet Blues / anti-purity

Interview Part 4 (4:28)     Streaming mp3
song: Jump Jump