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Doney Holler

Weird mud
stack hay
churn butter
shout dang
chop wood
fetch water
bang a hood
take a swaller

bare feet
hot skillet
go an shake it
shimmy wobble
como drum
holler ready
hoot your belly

doney by the fence
doney by the road
doney in the sun
take another load
doney goona sing
doney gonna holler
doney fill her bag
10 cans for a dollar

plucked chicken
pecked dog
bull cat
pig frog
white crow
black dove
in the pines
making love

doney on the hill
doney in the hollow
bending in the sun
10 cans for a dollar
doney gonna sweat
doney gonna moan
cutting through the fields
take the money home

big chief
sonny terry
rice miller
deacon jones
genghis khan 
walter john