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What's Going On

Noah made a boat
god made the flood
sailed 40 days then he
landed in the mud
opened up the door
first thing he saw
bourbon street 
and the mardi gras

i wanna know
what's going on?
daddy got a hairdo
mama gonna mow the lawn

gramma's in the kitchen
grampa's in the shed
soaked his teeth in kerosene
then he went to bed
gramma lit a pipe
sparking in the room
mattress full of dynamite
that's a lot of boom

jackson had a nickel
kept it in his shoe
sold it for a dollar
but a dollar wouldn't do
5 will get you 10
10 will buy a steak
2 will get you loaded
lordy that was a mistake

devil had a monkey
won him in a bet
monkey started smoking
on a funny cigarette
devil started laughing
monkey did too
screaming at each other
shouting woo-oo-oo

one eye blue
one eye brown
one leg start shaking
when she go to town
one eye white
one eye red
one smack dab
in the middle of her head