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Woke up in the morning 
cripple to the well 
take a shot of poison 
blow it all to hell 
check oil on the donkey 
points on the mule 
Don't care how I get it 
gonna get me some 
drink it from a bucket 
or the barrel of a gun 

gasoline gasoline gasoline 
keep my motor running 
keep my motor clean 

Going to the city 
shifty like a bum 
alligator pretty 
see the savior come 
the crowd it begged for mercy 
it's such a crying shame 
He came down for the chili 
but if he gets his way 
he's going back to heaven 
in a sky blue chevrolet 

Nitro-tated water 
venezuela crude 
cheap alaska wine 
whatcha gonna do? 
motor lubrication 
keep it in a can 
mixing down with diesel 
caught the fever german flu 
went and told my mama but 
she didn't know what to do