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Hi De Hi

Yeah hi-de-hi / yeah hey-de-hey
roll ninety nine / bang eighty eight
crawling king / a rolling stone
yeah daddy jump / and spo-dee-oh

Up on the roof / we whoop and haul
ubangi stomp / comanche howl
we shoop the doop / and slop the hogs
we do the bump / the georgia crawl

let' roll

We juice the juke / stoke the shack
atomic power / blowed out the stack
we spike the gin / put knife blades in
we shoot the gong / with a cannonball

She shift the load / she boom and blast
lord what she do / no child don't ask
she walk the dog / she chain him low
she do the duck / the delta roll

yeah hi-de-hi / yeah hey-de-ho
from davisonville / to mexico
we sturm and drang / and paint it red
we gonna roll / and raise the dead